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Time to Take Stock!

I don't know about you, but I like to wrap things up at the end of the year. Only 2 days left! I like to reflect on what I have accomplished, and on what I have left to experience and accomplish, in the coming year and years. I find it exciting, and I'm hopeful and intrigued by the idea of the brand new year!

As long as we are alive, we get another chance! Every moment, week, and year are fresh starts. It is not helpful to dwell on what I was not able to change this year. I make note of that, but most importantly, I assess all of the main areas of my life, and think of the improvements that I made. I encourage myself, as I would a close friend. I recognize what is working in my life, and what is not. I know I need to be brave, and make changes, as needed! However, plenty is right with this life!

I think about how I have grown, and what I have experienced this year. What were the beautiful moments, the times when I felt truly happy, and the times when I was where I wanted to be?

Which goals did I reach, or make significant progress toward? What were the surprises? When were the times that life delighted me by blindsiding me?

Isn't that exciting? Think about it. It happens! It happened. Life rarely unfolds on our desired timetables. Might as well make the most of it! Make a plan, but allow for the unforeseen. Whom did you unexpectedly meet this year? What opportunities seemed to come out of nowhere, beckon to you, and wind up being just what you needed? What leaps of faith did you take? What did you learn? What new ideas did you come up with?

So, I sit with a cup of coffee and a notepad. I reflect. How did I improve my life? How am I doing in terms of growth? The main areas of life that I am reflecting on, are: relationships, work, fitness, health, finances, and fun!

In some areas, I have grown, and made real progress. I like to make note of the progress, and be detailed about it. We have to define our goals before we can reach them. Nobody ever got anything great done without first visualizing it. It certainly can't hurt. Why not envision and design your life the way you really want it to be?

Ask yourself the following questions. What do I want 2016 to look like? What do I want to keep the same, and what do I want to improve? Take small steps. Make resolutions if you want, but not if you will become disillusioned if you don't reach them perfectly and immediately!

Make note of what you are grateful for. I'll bet it's a long list, when you really think about it. What a wonderful time, as well, to leave behind those behaviors, people, places, and habits that we have outgrown! Yes, you get to do that! Perfect time for it.

There is no right or wrong way to finish out the year. Maybe you will create a new tradition or ritual. Maybe you will get dressed up in sequins, go to a party, and have a toast. Maybe you will play in the snow. Maybe you will spend a quiet evening at home, by yourself, or with loved ones.

In any event, encourage yourself to gently usher out the old year, and welcome the new one with open arms. Plenty of new joys, experiences, and opportunities are waiting for you! Create them. Seek them! Enjoy. Live!

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