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Get Comfortable...

Are you feeling good right now?

Are you at ease? Could you be?

Take a moment, and tune in to yourself.

So often, we are not comfortable, but we could be, with a few minor adjustments, and/or mini-breaks.

Are you thirsty? Are you hungry?

Don't forget to parent yourself!

Are you tired, or sitting in an uncomfortable position? Why? Notice.

Can you shift or turn? Kick off your shoes?

When did you last take a deep, deliberate breath? And another...

Do you actually have to be doing 14 things at once? Maybe. Maybe not!

Are you cold or hot? Just right?

Can you make yourself warmer or cooler?

Open a window, or get under a blanket.

Are you fixating on something that you can't control?

How will that help you?

Are you worried, anxious, or sad?

Notice. Breathe. Question.

Check in with yourself and your emotions.

Get comfortable.

You are worthy.

Come back to the present.

What's wrong, in this moment?

Maybe nothing. Maybe something that you can fix or attend to.

Maybe you can let it go, for now.

Get up and walk around, if you're sitting.

Lie down, if you need to, and can.

Isn't that better?

Stretch. Breathe. Eat. Drink. Relax.

Rest. Slow down. Get into a more comfortable position.

Wash your face. Take a bath. Luxuriate.

Do some yoga. Feel some gratitude.

Maybe none of those seem possible at the moment.

Perhaps you can plan to do something good for yourself later.

Smile. Look forward.

Get comfortable.

You deserve it.

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