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About Sarah

Empathic • Compassionate • Dedicated • Warm • Thoughtful

Sarah Margolin smiling

I am a LMFT, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have been in the field for over twenty years.  I am a seasoned psychotherapist, specializing in the treatment of adolescents and their families.  I am a passionate advocate who guides and empowers clients toward healthier decision-making, more satisfying relationships, and more effective functioning in life.  I consistently incorporate empathy, humor, and intuitive healing into the treatment process. 


I am also skilled in training new therapists as they discover and create their own unique therapeutic styles. Specific areas of my expertise include:


  • Divorce and Stepfamilies

  • Substance Abuse

  • Weight/Body Image Struggles

  • LGBT/Minority Issues

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Domestic Violence/Relational Abuse


"Sarah is a warm, caring therapist. She helped me through a very painful crisis when my young daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and then suddenly passed away unexpectedly, almost four years ago. Then she helped me through the emotional turmoil of adopting two children through foster care. Sarah is easy to talk to, listens to what you’re saying, and acknowledges what you’re feeling. She isn’t the kind of therapist who merely tells you what you want to hear. She helps you sort through issues and concerns, not just put a “band-aid” on them. Sarah also has a great sense of humor, which is refreshing sometimes when a session gets a bit intense. Sarah consistently conducts herself with the utmost professionalism, maintains confidentiality, and is completely ethical. I would recommend Sarah to anyone needing a great therapist!" -Mishel M.

"Sarah is an accomplished therapist, whose experience and knowledge lends her credibility on every level. She is both professional and personable, and is a great example of a leader in her profession. Sarah is quick to engage, offer objective advice, and is a tremendous listener, who only interjects at the right times, allowing time for the client to process the information. The value of time spent with her is immeasurable, and has led to positive, long lasting results in my life. I trust her, and regard her input above all. I am grateful for her ability to push through any barrier, and to communicate effectively with individuals of all ages, developing the level of trust needed to produce positive outcomes." -Leah W. 

"I worked with Sarah Margolin at CALM (Child Abuse Listening and Mediation), from 2003-2005, in Santa Barbara, CA.  I worked in the billing department, and  Sarah worked in the most difficult departments, as a child and family therapist. I always admired the determination, professionalism, compassion, and knowledge she exhibited with the difficult populations that she counseled." -Ida W.

"Teens appreciate your warm and easygoing approach, and parents value your astute clinical skills and depth of experience with teens. You are compassionate, respectful, and authentic. You are objective and give them a renewed sense of hope for their future.  Non-judgmental is the biggest thing."- Christine S.

"Everything you want to be you, is you."

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