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Beautiful Things...

We all seek novel ways to be happy and enjoy life. And, why wouldn't we?

However, some of the most delightful ideas are so simple, that we easily overlook, or forget about them.

Go back and focus on the little things, of which some of these are examples...

The enjoyment and bliss are right there, waiting for you to experience!

I invite you to ponder the following. Remember or imagine.

Don't they make you feel good?

Add your own examples to the list!

A clear conscience

The first, real day of spring

Receiving the perfect gift

A cool breeze, floating through the window

The heady scent of fresh, red roses

Slipping slowly into a hot bath

The smile that you know and love

Gratitude rushing over you

Seeing a person whom you have missed

Children and animals sharing affection

The first few bites, when you're really hungry

A rich and vibrant sunset

Finding the answer

A first date that goes incredibly well

The swelling of hope in your heart

The sound of the cat purring


A new song that you can't stop playing

The moment when you finally sit down, after a long day

The train arriving just as you get there

Ripples of water blooming out into a lake

Waking up with a start, and then remembering that it's Saturday

Warm, fuzzy socks

Rising to the challenge

Discovering money in a place where you had forgotten about it

An unexpected, but welcome opportunity

Finishing a difficult project

Kindness between children

Clean, fresh sheets

The first, blank page of a new notebook

The awareness that you're creating a wonderful memory, right now

When it's easier than you thought it would be

A great movie, that not only entertains, but enlightens, and offers you new insight

A sense of becoming yourself, still, or again

Getting a surprise that delights you

Holding a sleeping, newborn baby

The smell of freshly cut grass in summer

The first sip of hot coffee

The promise inherent in a brand new day

Knowing what real love feels like

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