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Perfectly Imperfect

Is anything perfect in life? Does it really need to be? Many of us struggle with perfectionism! If you don’t, then that’s great! For the rest of us, let’s think about how well trying to be perfect is serving us. It takes so much energy. How did we learn to strive for something so elusive? We realize that it’s an impossible goal. And is it even really desirable? Why is it necessary? Part of what’s endearing and appealing about human beings is that we are inherently imperfect. Perfection is actually subjective. People are strong in different ways. We are skilled in different areas. We each value certain paths and pursuits more than others. That’s part of what makes life interesting. What if we were all perfect? What would that even look like? It’s difficult to imagine. Would we all be the same? How boring that would be, anyway. Life is gloriously messy! We are flawed, and we are fabulous. Think about the people whom you love the most. Think of their idiosyncrasies, and their unique characteristics. Could you turn that lens on yourself? The imperfections of your own may seem to be flaws, but they could be the most interesting aspects of who you are. Without our imperfections, however, we wouldn’t be the same people. We are all imperfect, and that’s part of what makes us lovable. You are flawed and wonderful. You are ever-evolving, growing, and learning. You are perfectly imperfect!  

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