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Self-Care Essentials

Sometimes we lose track of how important self-care is in our lives. It’s easy to get too busy, and not take good care of ourselves. However, self-care is part of the foundation for a healthy, contented life. Self-care encompasses so much, from what we eat, to whom we spend time with, to how we talk to ourselves. When we take good care of ourselves, we can be more successful, and take better care of others in our lives, such as family members, colleagues, and clients. Did you get enough sleep last night? Are you eating healthfully today? Have you taken a few minutes to take some deep breaths, and center yourself? This is all part of self-care, as is choosing how to spend our time, to the extent that we can, and choosing the attitude that serves us best. Did you say yes to only what you can really do, or want to do, or are you over-extended?

Where can you cut back? What is lacking? We all talk to ourselves in some way, in our heads. This is normal. Notice the ways in which you speak to yourself. Are you kind and encouraging? Self-talk is part of self-care. Try talking to yourself as you would a dear friend. Be patient and empathic toward yourself. This will also extend to how you treat others. Notice your own needs, and try to meet them as best you can. It can be a challenge. However, what could be more worthwhile? Remind yourself of your own importance. You have worth. You matter. Treat yourself well! Care for yourself. It will pay off in many ways!   

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