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Self-Care Checklist

Are you taking good care of yourself, and not only of other people? It can be harder during this time of year, but it is an essential practice!

Good self-care is part of a solid, healthy foundation for a great life. It makes success in all areas of life more possible and reachable.

Here is a checklist to get you started, or to help you continue to take excellent care of yourself! There are many different aspects of self-care. You may be doing great in one area, and not in another. We are multi-faceted and multi-layered. We change all the time.

Our states of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health are all inter-related. Do not despair if you are not currently taking superb care of yourself. Just notice and observe, and begin making small, daily steps to improve. Be kind to yourself!

  • Sleep, rest, and meditation

  • Eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, and taking vitamins if you need to

  • Exercise, deep breathing, and getting daily fresh air

  • Maintaining physical health, and getting checked and treated by doctors when necessary

  • Nurturing your close relationships

  • Being part of a support system, and feeling secure and strong in the give and take of that

  • Taking small breaks throughout the day

  • Taking moments to laugh and enjoy life, even in the midst of busy days

  • Asking for what you need in an assertive way, and choosing your battles

  • Paying attention to your own needs instead of denying or ignoring them

  • Unapologetically doing what is right for you, and not feeling the need to explain every choice

  • Seeking guidance, wisdom, and help when you need it

  • Taking time to be clear on what you really want, which is the first step toward getting it

  • Being disciplined enough for good health and self-esteem, while also allowing yourself treats

  • Letting things go when they really don't matter, in the interest of peace

  • Focusing on positive thoughts, and not giving energy to negative thoughts

  • Prioritizing in a way that makes sense to you and keeps you true to yourself and your goals

  • Making time to pursue your interests, and to learn more about what makes you curious

  • Taking the occasional break from daily life requirements, and getting away when you can!

When we care for ourselves, we can better care for others, lead happier lives, and reach our goals! Enjoy the day, and be good to yourself!

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